Watercolor Class

This Summer I took a watercolor course. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the course at the beginning because I don’t really like painting too much. Something about how the brush goes against my nature I think. A brush is not easily controlled, paint is messy, and watercolor is not a very forgiving medium. As I typically emphasize craftsmanship and detail I knew I would have to make significant adjustments to my ideas, and learn to embrace the nature and strength of the medium. Since this was really my first continued attempt to learn painting, I think I made some solid headway into learning how to mix colors effectively and practice brush work. One of my main goals was to experiment with a looser style and I think I was making progress towards the end. I’ll be taking acrylic in the Fall and hopefully continue my development and exploration over a longer 15 week class rather than the condensed 6 week summer course.

John’s Desk


The Bridge Jumpers

Rochesterville Renaissance

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  • Hello,
    So, this is a weird request, but I’m not too familiar with the art world, but I have been scouring the Internet trying to find a copy of the watercolor by Brendan Shea which I believe is called “Before You Fall In Love”. It is for my girlfriend, she saw it somewhere and loves it (so do I). She is in a coma right now but the doctors say she will wake up. I’m really hoping to get a copy of it before she wakes up, and I’m further hoping she wakes up by her birthday which is Aug, 12. Please help me find this if you can. Thank you, Justin.

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